The ACE Mentor Program of America is a program focused on getting high school students excited about a future in the Architecture, Construction, and Engineering industry. The opportunity provides students access to mentors in the industry so they can ask the “hard” questions before committing to a college career.

Sherry Ault has been a lead mentor for almost 10 years. She started working in the ACE program within Mecklenburg County schools in Charlotte, NC. When moving back to Knoxville, she stayed involved as a mentor and is now sitting on the board for the ACE Mentor Program of Greater Knoxville.

Sherry was truly fortunate to have many mentors throughout her education and career. She strives to offer her assistance and share her passion for the industry. The knowledge she gained from her mentors truly set the foundation to who she is today.

In response to ACE, Sherry says, “Some mentors see it as a failure when student chose a different career path. I do not. I see it as saving them 4 years of their lives by figuring it out early. And that is just as important as mentoring those that go on to be successful in the ACE industry.”

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