The Boys & Girls Club has been operating since the 1860s with its primary goal of enlightening young minds no matter their circumstances. Today, there are 4,300 clubs that serve over 4 million young boys & girls.

Sherry had her first Boys & Girls Club experience when participating in the 2019 “Girls Night Out” Event. At the event, she was paired up with a sweet little girl named A’Nyu. As do all the kids, A’Nyu had her own story of overcoming struggle and tells it with an incredibly amount of strength. Sherry and A’Nyu spent the night enjoying silent disco, painting nails, chowing down on pizza and cotton candy, and much more.

Sherry immediately became committed to this organization and volunteers her time for events here in Knoxville. S2A is also a Club Blue member which raises funds to keep the Tennessee Valley clubs up and running. The Club also provides scholarships allowing for additional kids that need the Boys & Girls experience most.

At S2A, we believe it is important to take time and get involved in the community. Find out how you can get involved at or simply reach out to Sherry.